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Virtual Body Language Group Coaching Session

Updated: Dec 30, 2021


COVID has kept many of us hidden from our colleagues and clients, at least from the neck down. This may be the ideal time to polish our body language skills.

Please grab your co-workers and friends, or join me solo, for a one-hour Virtual Group Coaching Session on Body Language. Sessions will be limited to the first 16 to sign up so that we can all openly share our concerns and ask questions. I promise our time together will be interactive, informative, and fun and you will leave with tactical advice you can implement easily and immediately for both in-person and virtual exchanges.

The first session will be on Wednesday, September 29th from 12:00 to 1:00 pm CST. Please sign up here. If you want to personalize a session for your friends or office, please email me at I am happy to do it.

I am Ellyn Wulfe, founder of efactor consulting, and will lead this group session. I founded efactor consulting to empower professionals with the communication skills to persuasively share their ideas, lead with impact, and earn the trust of others.

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