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efactor consulting offers a variety of services in seven different formats.

Storytelling, individual coaching, group coaching,  private professional leadership development classes, public professional leadership development classes, presentation design, and guest speaking are available.


individual coaching

I work with individuals to identify and prioritize the communication skills they want to improve. Coaching sessions are tailored to each person’s unique goals and learning styles. I listen and observe very carefully to offer strategies and skills that can be easily incorporated into their daily lives.

group coaching

Group communication skills coaching creates an open dialogue for shared goals, challenges, and accountability. The group setting provides another dimension for participants to learn through listening to concerns and questions. My feedback tis always constructive and benefits the entire group.

storytelling workshops

Each workshop is designed to hone a progressive series of storytelling skills, while offering constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Participants grow tremendously in confidence and storytelling prowess, form a special bond with classmates, and find the experience rewarding and fun.

leadership classes

Leadership classes are offered in both one-off and series formats. Topics can be selected from our list of workshops and classes or customized to address specific needs and interests. My mission is always to provide recommendations participants can easily incorporate to improve their communications. 

presentation design 

Presentation design is ideal for professionals who want to need to develop an impactful and memorable presentation. This efactor option is a great option for individuals who are pitching their ideas, services, or products and need to stand out. This is a collaborative and iterative process. Clients receive a highly impactful visual presentation that will stand out.

speaking engagements

My presentations are informative, engaging, highly visual, and always steeped in tangible takeaways. The presentation can focus on any of the specific areas of expertise listed below. Speaking engagements can be beneficial for groups in any industry. Guest speaking opportunities are available for both in-person and virtual events.

ready to begin?

efactor consulting workshops & classes

  • Unlocking our Storytelling Superpowers

  • Exuding Confidence to Demonstrate Competence

  • Understanding Why Body Language is Doing Most of the Talking

  • Making or Breaking our Reputation With Every Email

  • Leveraging Conversational Intelligence to be a Better Leader

  • Mastering the Art of the First Impression

  • Taking Client Relationships to the Next Level

  • Leading Teams & Meetings to Earn Respect & Achieve Results

  • Creating Compelling Presentation Content & Visuals

  • Ensuring Your Nonprofit Board is not a Bored Board

Storytelling, empathy, trust, and confidence-building influence everything I do. I have coached, trained, and spoken on many topics and my curiosity always leads me to exploring new ones.


Here are some of my specialties:


Dervila Keane, Pfizer Inc.

Global Media Relations


I had the pleasure of experiencing Ellyn when she delivered a virtual session on storytelling for a group of colleagues recently. From her opening message, I was mesmerized by her teaching style, so engaging, thought-provoking and memorable. Every sentence spoken meant something, no wasted words, stories one can relate to.


This was one of the best learning experiences I have had in many years in terms of delivery, learnings and energy. 

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