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Do you have the skills to open doors?

efactor consulting -
communication coaching
to open doors


what is efactor consulting?

We all have witnessed the “it-factor” – a person’s palpable power to draw people in and connect every time he or she walks into a room, speaks, or leads a team.

efactor consulting is dedicated to empowering professionals with verbal and nonverbal communication skills to be more entrusted, engaging, empathetic, and esteemed.

These are the efactor qualities that embody the “it-factor.” I partner with professionals to discern and polish the nuances of how we communicate to exude exactly these qualities. Mastering these skills will transcend our ability to share ideas, lead with impact, attract and retain clients, and open doors for greater professional and personal fulfillment.

who benefits from efactor consulting?

efactor consulting is designed for professionals who want to improve how they come across to others, how they interact with others, and how they influence others. Rising leaders, established leaders, and business developers will recognize substantial benefits by learning to master these skills.

My name is Ellyn Wulfe and I am the founder of efactor consulting. I am deeply passionate about helping professionals achieve the results they want. It all comes down to how we communicate and interact with others, whether it is one-on-one, in groups, in-person, or virtual. When we know how to effectively and empathetically communicate, it is a game-changer.



Myric Polhemus


Director of Talent Development

The level of mastery Ellyn brings to the craft of storytelling is something to experience directly. Her sessions build from the basics to more complex approaches with each student showing unbelievable growth in the process. Her ability to give real time feedback that is both spot on and practical enabled our leaders to make the necessary changes in their approach to maximize learning and ultimately impact.


She is a true professional in her personal approach and the way her teaching style brings out the best in her students. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

getting started is simple.

our work together begins with a complimentary 30-minute session.

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