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efactor consulting is designed for professionals who want to improve how they come across to others, how they interact with others, and how they influence others.  Rising leaders, established leaders, and business developers will recognize substantial benefits by learning how to master these skills. 

mastering storytelling

I teach professionals how to master storytelling by identifying, crafting, and delivering stories that truly resonate.

Storytelling is the best way to indelibly share our ideas and services. The right story helps the listener visualize and remember our message. Tying the story to compelling images makes it infinitely more powerful. Sharing the right story also builds trust and forges a deeper connection between the storyteller and the listener.

exuding confidence

To be perceived as competent, we need to project confidence. Confidence is the key to getting our ideas heard, earning respect, and successfully leading others. Our body language, vocal signals, and use of unnecessary fillers greatly influence someone's impression of us. 


I work with professionals to increase their awareness of the verbal and nonverbal messages they may be sending. 


I then arm clients with customized tools to improve their confidence in front of others and the confidence of others in them.

modeling empathy

Empathy is the key to building trusted relationships. 


I work with leaders to improve their emotional intelligence, with a particular emphasis on modeling empathy. 


We will discuss specific ways to respond in words and actions to convey empathy. When we are better at understanding our clients' and colleagues’ perspective, we build stronger and more trusted partnerships.



Luis Santo-Merayo

Gensler Principal

Ellyn has a scientific and supportive approach to coaching and I found her coaching tremendously valuable. Once we set our goals, she was methodic in identifying the areas for improvement and very resourceful in providing the best paths to follow with memorable and practical tips to stay focused. I learned the importance of, and techniques for, delivering simple and clear messages.


tell your story. 
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I offer a variety of services in six different formats. Teaching the art of storytelling to a group works best in a series of workshops with the same participants. One-on-one storytelling coaching is ideal when an individual wants to work on developing a variety of stories or amplifying a presentation with content and visuals to tell a more compelling story. For other needs, I am equally comfortable with group coaching, individual coaching, small classes, and public speaking.

storytelling workshops

During the past 10 years, I have designed and led storytelling workshops for over 600 professionals. Participants grow tremendously in confidence and storytelling prowess, form a special bond with classmates and find the experience rewarding and fun. Each workshop is designed to hone a progressive series of storytelling skills, while offering constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

leadership classes

I develop and facilitate a variety of leadership classes, either as a one-off or as part of a series. Topics can include any of the areas of expertise listed below. I also can customize classes to specific needs and interests. My mission is always to provide specific recommendations participants can easily incorporate to improve their communications.  

presentation design 

I believe in the power of storytelling and enjoy the creativity and design-thinking involved in creating outstanding visual presentations. This is a collaborative and iterative process. Clients receive a highly impactful visual presentation that will stand out.  

group coaching

I thoroughly enjoy coaching groups. It adds another dimension of learning when everyone hears each other’s concerns and questions. My feedback is always constructive and designed to benefit the entire group.

individual coaching

I will work with individuals to identify and prioritize the communication skills they want to improve. My coaching is tailored to each person’s unique goals and learning styles. I listen and observe very carefully to offer teachings that can be easily incorporated into their daily lives.

speaking engagements

I am happy to share my passions and expertise on a stage, as well. I love storytelling and interacting with others in any format.  My presentations are informative, engaging, highly visual, and always steeped in tangible takeaways. The presentation can focus on any of the specific areas of expertise listed below.


Storytelling, empathy, trust, and confidence-building influence everything I do. I have coached, trained, and spoken on many topics and my curiosity always leads me to exploring new ones. Here are some of my specialties:

  • Unlocking our Storytelling Superpowers

  • Exuding Confidence to Demonstrate Competence

  • Understanding Why Body Language is Doing Most of the Talking

  • Making or Breaking our Reputation With Every Email

  • Leveraging Conversational Intelligence to be a Better Leader

  • Mastering the Art of the First Impression

  • Taking Client Relationships to the Next Level

  • Leading Teams & Meetings to Earn Respect & Achieve Results

  • Creating Compelling Presentation Content & Visuals

  • Ensuring Your Nonprofit Board is not a Bored Board

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